Dewey Dabbar

Dewey Dabbar is a pen name of Joe Gray. Your best chance of getting in touch with Dewey is to bump into him at a farmers' market, in the vicinity of citrus fruits (see below).

Dewey often daydreams of a life as an organic peanut farmer, he listens almost exclusively to music in seven-eight time, and he takes a squeezed segment of mandarin in every beer that he drinks, from pilsner to imperial stout. He also claims to be able to stack three coins edgewise.

You can find books by Dewey on his [BOOKS2READ PAGE].

Harold Bogtrotter IV

Harold Bogtrotter IV is another pen name of Joe Gray. Your only real hope of contacting Harold is to run into him in the countryside.

This individual is the latest instalment in a not insubstanital line of Harolds – the fourth, you might think, but, in fact, the third (there was a small clerical error some time ago) – and a longer line of Bogtrotters. Various members of this family have achieved mild notoriety for their inability to get from A to B via anything but a highly circuitous route.

You can find out more about Harold on his [SMASHWORDS PROFILE].