The Impudent Raven imprint was established by a guy named Joe, in December 2019, with the purpose of publishing books that have a nature-centred perspective – the kind of literature that would nurture Gaia's soul, if she was into reading. The current focus of the imprint is on ebook-format fiction that explores, in particular, the intersection of eco-concern and humour. A great debt is owed to Ed Abbey and other writers who have developed this sub-genre-of-sorts.

The specific motivation for establishing Impudent Raven was to provide a label under which certain writing projects of the founder could be published, using the pen name Dewey Dabbar. So if you were wondering whether self-publishing is involved, the answer is yes. But, as you can see on the Authors page, it has not been all plain sailing for Dewey.

The publisher's pricing philosophy is to make all books available for the lowest possible price (often free) on every platform through which they are released. Readers finding that a book is worth more to them than what they paid for it are asked to consider making a donation to a conservation charity to cover the difference.


Impudent Raven Publishing is not accepting proposals or manuscripts at the present time. But who knows what the future holds for this imprint.


If you like what you read, please share it with friends over a large mug of tea or similar.



This website uses the typefaces Londrina Solid (designed by Marcelo Magalhães) and Open Sans (Steve Matteson). Londrina Solid also features in the Impudent Raven logos. The raven image in the logo below is adapted from artwork by CanStockPhoto contributor martinussumbaji, while the pattern used to colour the text is taken from artwork by CanStockPhoto contributor alexblacksea. This latter artwork is the raven that features on the homepage of this website.